Where Do Wolves Live?

wolf habitat.jpgWolves are animals that typically live in the wild. Generally, they live in the woods and the forests. Some wolves can also be found in extreme climatic conditions such as the tundra. Wolves are very adaptable animals and they can be found in various living conditions, including the mountains, grasslands, and even deserts.

General Living Habits

Wolves primarily live and hunt in small packs of five to ten animals. They typically cover large distances, around 12 miles a day but up to 50, primarily in search of food. Wolves are typically found in relatively colder regions of the world.

The distribution of the wolf population is primarily in the Northern Hemisphere. Most wolves are found in Alaska, the United States, Canada, Northern Europe, Russia and Greenland. However, some species of wolves are found in places in South America as well.

Wolves and Humans

Wolves have always had conflict with humans. This conflict has virtually wiped out the wolf population from areas that have high human population as humans have driven them away or killed large numbers of wolves. It is only the recent efforts of conservation that has resulted in some stabilization in wolf gray population.

Gray Wolves

Gray wolves are generally found in the lesser populated colder regions of the world. They were once spread across the Northern Hemisphere, but hunting wolves has greatly reduced their number and has left them close to extinction.

Gray wolves were once found across most states of United States, too. However, their population has reduced drastically in most states and now they are primarily found in the Southswetern region of the US (specifically New Mexico and Arizona) and part of Mexico.

Manned Wolves

Manned wolves is another member of the wolf family. They are distant relatives of Gray and Red wolves, and they live in South America. Manned wolves are closer to a large red fox in resemblance rather than their own wolf relatives.

Red Wolves

Red wolves live in a variety of habitats and ecosystems. They can be found in mixed forests, wetlands, coastal prairie marshes and agricultural lands. They need about ten to 100 square miles of habitat to hunt and live. In general, they thrive in most areas that have adequate prey populations and little human oppression. They live in packs of between two and eight individual wolves. The pack consists of an adult breeding pair and their offspring of different ages.